Google is adding a new security measure to Chrome that protects users from Man in Middle Attack


Man in Middle Attack

A MitM attack is if an app placed on a user’s machine or a local network hinders the user’s web traffic. you can also read Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Launched

For the party conducting the MitM attack, the difficult part is trading with encrypted HTTPS traffic. Most MitM toolkits fail to accurately rewrite the user’s encrypted links, causing SSL errors that Chrome will detect.

Chrome will display on error when it suspects MitM attacks

The new Chrome 63 feature is in the design of a new warning screen. This new failure will appear whenever Chrome identifies a large number of SSL link errors in a short timespan, a sign that someone is attempting and failing to prevent the user’s web can also read true caller online search any number without any app

This involves both malware and certain applications, such as antivirus and firewall purposes. The new Chrome error won’t give up for all antivirus and firewall software, but simply for those that do not edit SSL links in a proper way, following in SSL errors.

Sasha Perigo, a Standford student, produced this new security feature while serving as a Google intern.

Feature ready for testing in Chrome Canary

According to the Chromium Development Calendar, Google will deliver Chrome 63 on December 5, bar any unexpected events.

In the meantime, users can view it via the Google Chrome dev branch, also identified as Google Canary.

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